Injuries to the neck or back caused by a rapid movement of the spine backward, forward, or side to side, are referred to as "Whiplash." Whether the result of a car accident, slip and fall accident, sports injury or work injury, whiplash or other neck and back injuries need a thorough chiropractic exam.

James Thatcher, D.C. has treated well over 1000 whiplash type neck and back injuries since 1992.  The chiropractic care received at Thatcher Chiropractic uses physical therapy modalities, exercise, stretches, activity of daily living or work restrictions, manipulation or adjustments, massage therapy and dry needle therapy. Chiropractic treatments are often in coordination with local medical doctors or therapists to provide neck pain and back pain relief.

In the past, a typical whiplash injury where no bones were broken was hard to diagnose. Whiplash injuries do not always show up on x-ray, MRI or CT scan studies. Symptoms can start days or weeks after the accident or injury.  The muscles tighten in an effort to support the head, limiting neck movement.  Muscle also become tight in the back to restrict movement.

Those suffering from whiplash and neck pain often complain of headaches.  These headaches, like the neck pain, are often the result of tightened, tensed muscles and are often felt at the base of the head, temporal regions or behind the eyes.  Often times headache pain can radiate from the muscles of the neck via the nerves giving headache pain in the temporal or frontal regions of the head.  The nerves often involved are the greater occipital nerve, lesser occipital nerve or greater auricular nerve.

Bulging discs or herniated disks may cause pain or a numb feeling into the arms, hands, and fingers, which are sometimes relieved by holding your hand over your head.  This may be a sign that you need pinched nerve treatment at our office.

Old or chronic whiplash injuries are difficult to treat. Chiropractic treatment is a proven and effective form of treatment of "old" whiplash related injuries. In a 1996 study by Woodward et. al., chiropractic treatment was able to help relieve the pain for 93% of patients with chronic injuries.

Neck Pain and Whiplash