Sports Injuries

In most sports, the athlete's body endures a significant amount of physical stress.  Often times the physical stress is not symmetrical, leaving the body to adapt with the muscles and joints.  This increases the risk of injury simply because one area of the body won't have to work as hard and thereby requiring another body area to pick up the slack.

Misalignments of the spine can cause abnormal healing patterns during an injury.  This leads to increased healing time and a likely inferior healing process.

Thatcher Chiropractic has an outstanding approach to sports injuries that involve the spine, arms or legs. We recognize these spinal injuries can impede motion, diminish strength and impair performance.  A change, even slight, can slow your reflexes and decrease your overall performance.  Sports chiropractic treatment has helped athletes find lasting relief and helped restore function quickly to spinal or extremity joints that are "stuck" or not moving properly.  In addition to resolving painful conditions, some of our patient athletes undergo treatment simply to improve their athletic performance.  We treat the athlete, young or old, with massage techniques, physical therapy modalities, adjustments, acupuncture, dry needle technique and exercise/stretches to obtain peak performance!