Shoulder pain is often described as pain radiating down the back of the neck into the shoulder blade area. This type of difficulty can be the result of tensed muscles, postural alterations, rotator cuff (shoulder) conditions or loss of motion in the spinal joints. Dr. Thatcher evaluates shoulder conditions by examination, special orthopedic tests, x-ray and MRI imaging. Treatment for these multiple, often overlapping conditions that are biomechanically related can be difficult. The treatment techniques often include physical therapy modalities, exercise, acupuncture, massage therapy and dry needle therapy for a comprehensive approach.  Thatcher Chiropractic often coordinates care with local orthopedic physicians and therapists in Colorado Springs to provide the best possible treatment.

Dr. Thatcher has treated conditions of the shoulder since 1992 in Colorado Springs such as supraspinatus tendonitis, subacromial bursitis, impingement syndrome, frozen shoulder, adhesive capsulitis and tears of the rotator cuff muscles.  A correct diagnosis of a patient's shoulder condition is paramount in resolving the condition and the patient's pain.

Shoulder Pain