Neck Pain & Neck Injuries

The chiropractic care approach to treating neck pain is to locate its underlying cause which begins with a complete case history and thorough examination.  Special attention is given to the entire spine that includes the joints, muscles and nerves. With improved structure and function via chiropractic neck treatment or neck therapy, neck pain and injuries often diminish or totally resolve.

Dr. Thatcher, a chiropractor in Colorado Springs since 1992, has extensive training as a neck pain treatment specialist.  Chiropractors can provide a complete examination, x-rays, and incorporate any necessary physical therapies with the chiropractic adjustments and exercise that have helped millions of people over the years.  At Thatcher Chiropractic, PC, we provide neck treatment for the following conditions:

  • Whiplash Injury Treatment
  • Sports Related Neck Injury / Pain Treatment
  • Neck Herniated Disk Treatment
  • Neck Bulging Disc Treatment
  • Neck Pinched Nerve Treatment
  • Stiff Neck Treatment
  • Posture Correction Treatment
  • Neck Pain Treatment
  • Neck Spasm Treatment