Muscle Spasms and Pain

Muscle spasms and pain can create "Trigger Points" which are the build-up of chemical by-products (lactic acid) in muscles.  Trigger points can be created by whiplash injuries, work injuries, sports injuries or repetitive use.  Continued activity over a prolonged period of time fatigues the muscles and decreases function, causing a build-up of these by-products.  As these by-products of fatigue begin to build, the muscle goes through three changes:

1. It becomes shorter, which we feel as tightness in the muscle.
2. Because the muscle shorter and fatigued, it has a much greater chance of becoming injured.
3. The muscle cannot perform normally or to its "best" potential.


Thatcher Chiropractic, PC provides neck treatment, low back pain treatment and posture correction that utilizes chiropractic adjustments, dry needle therapy, acupuncture, physical therapy modalities, massage and exercises / stretches.  This chiropractic health approach often provides back pain relief related to muscle spasms and muscle pain.  Our office also provides sports chiropractic treatment for muscle conditions of the arms and legs.