Accounting for nearly 40% of all primary low back pain, the facet joints of the lower back and sacroiliac joints of the pelvis "hips" contain pain-sensing nerves that "fire" creating low back pain. These nerves are often affected by abnormal or loss of motion of spinal joints.  To compensate for abnormal or loss of movement in the spinal joints, muscles of the lower back tighten to create more pain.  Sometimes there is a need for pinched nerve treatment, sciatica treatment, herniated disk treatment or bulging disc treatment for back pain relief.  Massage therapy to specific muscles, coordinated by Dr. Thatcher at our clinic is sometimes indicated in resolving lower back pain.  Dr. Thatcher utilizes acupuncture in the treatment of some lower back pain patients.Chiropractic treatments restores normal motion to the spinal joints. This simple and successful approach often provides lower back pain relief, corrects the underlying mechanical problem, relaxes tight muscles and provides posture correction.  Thatcher Chiropractic provides the patient with chiropractic adjustment in Colorado Springs, specific exercises and stretches to help with recovery and prevent future low back problems.

Low Back Pain