The disc is a small pad that is between spinal bones or vertebrae. The soft jellylike center is contained by layers of fibrous tissues. Like a wet sponge a healthy disc is flexible and well hydrated. A dry sponge is hard, stiff, and can crack easily. This is how many disc problems begin and are typically referred to as degenerated discs.

Motion of the spinal joints promotes disc health. Trauma or injury to the spine can cause discs to bulge, herniate or rupture. This can be painful by putting pressure on the spinal cord or nerve roots and, secondarily, causing pain into the arms or legs.  Sometimes herniated discs are also referred to as slipped, bulging, portruded or extruded.  Treatment with spinal manipulation of lower back conditions can be extremely effective both for new problems and older ones.

The chiropractic treatment approach to a bulging or herniated disc is to restore better motion to the spinal joint.  Improved spinal function helps reduce inflammation and begin the slow process of healing the surrounding ligament soft tissues. Degenerative disc disease treatment is also provided by our office.

While results cannot be guaranteed, many patients have avoided surgery or a need for pain medication by choosing chiropractic care.

Disc Problems