James A. Thatcher, B.S., D.C. has maintained a full time chiropractic practice in Colorado Springs, Colorado for over 20 years.  During this time he has treated well over 1000 patients for car accident related injuries.  A very common symptom following an auto accident is whiplash related headache pain.  Headache pain is often felt at the base of the head and sometimes radiates to the forehead region.  This condition is often misdiagnosed as sinus pain or eye related fatigue.  Following this type of diagnosis, a series of inappropriate and ineffective treatments are utilized that yield no headache pain relief.  At Dr. Thatcher’s chiropractic clinic, treatment of headache pain and neck pain is done very successfully using a combination of special rehabilitation techniques.  These treatment techniques include dry needle therapy, acupuncture, manipulation or adjustment, physical therapy modalities, massage and exercise / stretching.  Dr. Thatcher also works with a number of therapists and medical physicians in Colorado Springs in the care of patients.  EVERY patient at Thatcher Chiropractic, PC is treated individually with specific combinations of treatment to offer the best results.

Chiropractic Treatments for Auto Accident Injuries:

Neck Treatment
Neck therapy
Herniated Disk Treatment
Headache Problems

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