As a chiropractor in Colorado Springs, I often hear the story from new patients that they were told, following an x-ray, CAT scan or MRI, that they had arthritis or degenerative disc disease and the only treatment was injection therapy, anti-inflammatory medicine and exercise.  The entire problem with this situation is that a doctor cannot look at an x-ray, CAT scan or MRI and determine that joint pain and / or lack of function is from degeneration or arthritis.  Unfortunately, these patients were never evaluated for a subluxation.  Subluxation degeneration (arthritis) can cause back pain and decreased function.  Secondarily, it can cause muscle spasm, muscle pain and muscle tightness.  Anti-inflammatory medicine, whether over-the-counter or prescription, when taken for an extended period of time can have dangerous side effects.

The longer a person has subluxation degeneration, the more spinal damage occurs to the joints and discs of the spine.  If this condition goes long enough, complete fusion of the bones can occur.  Chiropractic treatments can help prevent or slow subluxation degeneration.  At Thatcher Chiropractic, PC, we provide patients with exercise and stretches that commonly address the lower back "core", neck or mid-back to slow or prevent subluxation degeneration.  Our goal of treatment is to eliminate the need for long term medication, reduce pain and restore function.

Arthritis or Degenerative Disc Disease